✎﹏Review Policy

These are my review policy:

- The first thing my blog is my hobby and my passion, not my duty, one day I can post various photos and any other day, depending on how you have the inspiration and time.

- I like fashion, but I have my own style, one day I can take for my rocker and another simple girl.

- Lately I get lots of items and sometimes I can take a few days to post it, but if I feel overwhelmed, I can take even more. Understand that I have a real life and also absorbs my time.

- I am a humble person and am very grateful that I get the items the designers, but it fits my style or not I'm going to be discarded, sorry about that.

- Having said that, I thank you for reading my blog and follow it every day, I thank my designers for their confidence in me, when publishing their articles.

- To contact me, please send me a note card in world and I will be gladly reading it. Thank you very much for your understanding.

With Love <3

              Winiber Resident 

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